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Together, we can make the world
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Join the STUDIO

What is STUDIO ?

A program to empower independant designers to bring their ideas
to life and have their concepts turned into products that are
manufactured and sold by DE.CI

How does it work?

You Design

Get your ideas to life , submit your
design and get into workshops with our
lead designers to get your product to life


Take your designs to the next step with
our guided manufacturing partners that
will help you turn your designs to


Your products will then be sold and
delivered to our customers and you’ll
get paid for every product that we sell


For every product that gets sold , the designer get paid with royalties that is calculated based on the category and design assessment

Have Questions? Look Here

We want you to submit any of your designs that is related to Home products design.
Designers can upload anything that falls within the general product types that we currently sell at DE.CI

  • Chair/Armchairs
  • Sofas
  • Coffee/Side Tables
  • Dining Table
  • Accessories
  • Lighting
  • Other (Accessories)
The designs could be submitted as a sketch, 2D Drawings, 3D Model, any format that best shows
the design. (Anything would be sufficient at this stage)

As many as you like! the more you submit the more you'll get a chance to get it right from the first
time and get your product to be sold on

Our design committee will choose innovative, and original designs that best fits with our design
language, and style, and the latest trends of home products design. This process will be done by
the in-house design team, and sometimes guest curators (Interior Designers, Customers

If your design makes it to the selected products, we’ll get in touch with you (so make sure your
contact information is entered correctly!). You'll will receive an email with your login info, so you can
access your created profile on our D.Studio Website, where all the program will be explained.

After that, you will start working on on the assigned product design, as per your desired category
that you chose while filling the form. A product brief and direction will be provided by our design
team for guidance. And here the interesting part starts, you will start designing a product that will
later come to life.

Once the design passes from the previous stage. From there, your product will move on to the
sample stage where we’ll ask our manufacturing team to support you and help you get your idea
and sketches into real physical products. After the prototype is completely developed, your product
will be photographed, priced and added to our website for all our beloved customers.

If your product get selected and will be manufactured, you’ll be asked to sign a contract. You will
retain the IP of your piece. The contract gives DE.CI exclusive license of the IP but we do not own it.

We get this all the time and it actually proves how successful a design can be, If you notice that
your design has been copied by any other party, contact [email protected]

You will be paid a percentage of the net sales price of each product sold and delivered to our
beloved customers. This percentage varies according to the product and category. What we
guarantee you is that designing a best seller will get you more that you every expected ;)

The selling price of your product is determined in exactly the same way we price all of our products
on DE.CI . Your product gets sampled and quoted by our supply chain team which determines the
sales price.


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