What if you were to shake up your sofa by considering something New and Different?

Rearranging your furniture may feel daunting, but by measuring it out on paper, you can play around with it until the room feels balanced, flows well, and all the pieces have a purpose. It will not be surprising that you will need to start by rearranging the larger piece at your living room, your sofa, to enhance your focal point and to create a good flow of traffic. Then add in your accent furniture pieces such as your armchairs, coffee tables, side tables, or other add-ons to bring balance within your room. We can sometimes stick to the same old design script when decorating our homes, but what if you were to shake up your style — and the side of your sofa — by considering something new and different?

Don’t be afraid to get creative, but do confirm that your living room is infused with style.

Even though often overlooked, ​the Sofa’s Add-Ons​ deserve attention. Just like carpets and rugs, these Add-Ons may not be the focal point of your living room, but they definitely do tie the space together. Aside from being a practical and perfect storage solution (for your drink, book, TV remote control, etc.), these side tables can easily make the look of your living room. Check out what Add-Ons can do for your room, including few super-stylish ideas from DE.CI’s Collection that will inspire you to turn your Sofa from blah to fab.