TE.LA Tissue Box

LE 925.00

Maintain the aesthetic of your home or office and don’t let the loud branding on the tissue boxes ruins your interior look. TE.LA Tissue Box gives you a stylish and...

Y.OU Mirror

LE 1,025.00

The charming rounded shape of Y.OU mirror gives it a modern, fresh look. It’s convenient for applying makeup, skincare routines or hairdressing. You can display it on your countertop, bedroom,...

CN.TR Shelf

LE 1,445.00

A practical and stylish wall mounted bathroom shelf with toilet paper holder. CN.TR Shelf gives you convenient space to place your bathroom essentials, cosmetics scented candles, watch and cell phone....

FL.OW Desk Add-on

LE 2,745.00

FL.OW Desk Add-on allows you to enjoy a practical place to place your laptop, book or coffee mug. So, whether you are working, studying or doing hobbies this add-on will...

FL.OW Mirror - 1280*590

Starting LE 2,915.00

The FL.OW Mirror is designed with emphasis on elegance and functionality, making your room feel more spacious and dynamic. The high-end quality of the FL.OW Wall mirror paired with the...

IX.IA Planter

Starting LE 3,435.00

Designed with aesthetic and functional features the IX.IA Planter is ideal for your home, office, entryway or patio. In addition to adding a beautiful and elegant touch, it provides a...

IX.IA Round Planter

Starting LE 3,435.00

J.OY Collection by DE.CI Furniture: The addition that freshens the joy in your Home.

ON.GO Shoe Rack

LE 4,435.00

Don’t lose time searching for a missing shoe. Keep your shoes neat and organized with ON.GO Shoe Rack. The sleek streamlined design of this shoe rack makes it fit perfectly...

FL.OW Mirror - 1280*920

Starting LE 4,535.00

Designed with function and fashion in mind, the FL.OW Mirror is destined to make a statement in your home. Its asymmetrical design creates a playful fresh look in your space....

PI.XE Planter

LE 8,695.00

PI.XE Planter can enhance the look and feel of any room. It fits well in your home, office and entryway. With its elegant streamlined design, PI.XE Planter gives your plants...

FL.FY Chair

LE 9,115.00

Enjoy the soothing comfort of FL.FY Chair and bring breezy vibe to your room. It's ideal for watching your favourite series, playing video games with your friends, or reading a...

BL.IJ Colored Console - 95 cm

LE 10,505.00

BL.IJ Colored Console adds a chic statement look to your entryway, hallway or living room. It creates easy functional storage to embrace your everyday essentials. It comes with a variance...

BL.IJ Colored Console - 110 cm

LE 11,215.00

BL.IJ Colored Console adds a chic statement look to your entryway, hallway or living room. It creates easy functional storage to embrace your everyday essentials. It comes with a variance...

ST.YL Mirror

LE 11,455.00

Start your day with a boost of confidence, ST.YL Mirror allows you to check your look from head to toe and see yourself from different viewing angles so you can...

ST.ND Clock

Starting LE 11,595.00

STND Clock - Inspired from the classical long-case clocks, and interpreted in an elegant, modern way. The ST.ND Clock is a standing piece of accessory showing the beauty of lines,...

CL.IP Console

Starting LE 12,695.00

CLIP Console - Designed with a minimal look and various materials option, CLIP consoles is a go to for all who admire sleek lines , natural materials and desing aesthetics

PA.X Shelving Unit

LE 22,595.00

PAX Shelving unit - With modularity in place and a design that adds a twist of organized and neat look , pax shelving unit is the perfect shelving companion for...

HO.LD Console

Starting LE 29,505.00

HOLD Console - The HO.LD Console is designed to emphasize the two wooden supports that are wrapped around the marble top, creating two different levels for accessories display. The choice...

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