Whether we realize it or not, we spend a lot of time looking at ourselves in mirrors. It’s an ingrained part of our daily routine, so it’s important to use that time to build our confidence up. Confidence can get you ahead in every area of life, it’s the tool that can help you kickstart every day and be a winner in life.

Looking at ourselves in the mirrors can evoke strong feelings in us. Reflecting on ourselves can be an enlightening experience. All it takes is a mirror and a few moments of stillness to bring us face-to-face with our true selves.

Seeing yourself in your own reflection can help you become more compassionate, manage stress better, develop stronger relationships, and improve emotional resilience. Psychologists have found that face-to-face contact is essential for our social and emotional development. Mindful meditation in front of a mirror can help you uncover better self-awareness, improve your body language, and strengthen your resilience to meet life’s challenges. 

Learn how to use different types of mirrors to build self-confidence.

Wall Mounted Mirrors

Wall mirrors can instantly add simple but dramatic visual interest to your room. They work well in your entryway, bathroom, living room, bedroom, or dining area. Large wall mirrors that allow you to see your face and upper body can be ideal to practice your speech or big presentation. When you stare into your own eyes in the mirror and speak out loud, you can envision how you would like to be. You are creating a picture of yourself, your words, and the sound of your voice. Many great speakers and statesmen use the mirror technique to practice their speech thus bringing future to reality and give themselves pep talk before any big event which totally shifts their mindset with authority.



Desk Mirrors

Desk mirrors work well for touching up make-up or applying lipstick on the go. You can easily move this type of mirror around and place it on your desk, office, bedroom or countertop. Table mirrors are great to highlight your best facial details. It's the best way to start a pampered day. Gazing at your facial features can reaffirm your sense of self and help you regulate your emotions in a better way.



Standing/Full-Length Mirrors

The standing mirrors add brightness and a dose of glamour to your room. Their tall and dramatic look gives your room the illusion of larger space. They work well in bedrooms or fitting rooms. You can easily style this type of mirrors to reflect a beautiful window view and let light bounce around the room. The Full-length of the standing mirrors allows you to check your look from head to toe and see yourself from different viewing angles so you can easily fine-tune your clothing while getting ready. They come in handy to ensure all your outfit goes well together so you can be confident that the bag and shoes you choose pair well with your clothing.

Standing in front a full-length mirror let the weight of your body be divided evenly, which makes you see yourself in a more positive way. A small exercise of talking to your reflection in the mirror for 5 minutes with positive affirmations like “I Love” or “I can” and add what you love about yourself and achievements so far. Do this every day in the morning, and focus on only generating positive thoughts, so you start your day with confidence and energy. Just seeing your smile in the mirror can go a long way in boosting your confidence.


Remember when choosing your mirror to get a high-quality mirror that give you a good, undistorted reflection. A mirror with a poor reflection cannot truly represent the beauty of the person looking into it. The right mirror can really transform your self-esteem and remember to be beautiful means to be yourself.