It’s winter season! As the weather gets colder outside, we all long for warmth and comfort in our homes. There's nothing like a warm and welcoming lounge to come evening to. With just a few simple additions you can revamp your living room space and turn your space into a comforting retreat for the winter months. Read these tips and get inspired to make your living room feel warmer and cozier.


Add Warmth and Coziness Through Texture

Throw pillows and blankets can add amazing warmth to your space. They are great to snuggle up, making you feel warm and comfy, in addition to cozying up your space visually. Layering textures evokes depth and create homely ambiance. A comfy plush rug is ideal for cozying up your living room for winter, use fluffy or faux fur rugs to make the living room welcoming and warm.


Add Some Colors For Lively Holiday Spirit

Let your festive season unfold by infusing colours with your living room décor. Bold colours especially red bring warmth and cozy ambience to your space. Add pops of colours and patterns to your living room pillows, curtains, shags or rugs to perk up your existing décor scheme. You can use accessories with metallic finish to keep the look of your space stylish.


Set the scene with lighting

As the days grow shorter, we get fewer hours of daylight. That’s why you should make sure that your space still feels bright and inviting throughout the season. Use floor lamps to illuminate dark corners, they also provide good focus light so you can read your favourite book while lounging comfortably in your living room. When setting your living room lighting scheme, think about how the light changes throughout the day. Consider using flexible light sources so you can easily position lights to create the most impact for different situations.


Scent the room with winter fragrance

Now is the perfect time to really get that cozy feel of candles. Candles with winter scents are great way to add nice décor and smell to your ambiance. They also create this soft light effect that make you living room atmosphere feel more relaxing. Scenting our homes adds refreshing feel to our space. Also, it creates a positive impact on our wellbeing as it addresses the part of our brains that stimulates memories and emotions. If you are not a candles’ fan an amazing alternative is a diffuser. You can use de-stressing, or calming natural oils such as peppermint, cinnamon, clove, orange, sandalwood, chamomile, cedarwood to bring that wonderful feeling of holiday gatherings with friends and family.


Sprucing up your living room for winter can certainly make your space feel like a welcoming retreat to escape the cold outside and enjoy the warmth of home.