The dining room is the hub of the home, it’s where everyone gathers and bonds over good conversation and good food. Your dining room is much more than a place to eat; it’s the essence of memorable gatherings with family and friends. The choice of your dining room furniture is vital to make your dining area feel stylish, functional and comfortable.

Dining Room, Dining Table, Dining Chair 

Dining Table

The dining table is the focal point of your dining area. It needs to be selected carefully to suit your household’s requirements. Consider the shape of the dining table that best suits your space and needs; rectangular, square, round or oval. Rectangular or oval dining tables are great for spacious areas and large number of guests. While square or round dining tables work best for smaller spaces with less people.

Keep in mind the number of people you want to seat and what do you intend to use the dining table for; casual meals, festive occasions, working from home or studying.

 Dining Room, Dining Chair

Dining Chairs

From lazy breakfasts to big family parties to game nights, your dining chair plays an important role in creating a cozy gathering spot. Dining chairs come in a various range of shapes, sizes and styles. Whether you prefer upholstered or non-upholstered chairs, traditional or contemporary, it all comes down to your needs, desired level of comfort and style. But keep in mind that the shape and size of the dining chairs should be balanced with that of the table in order to make your dining area functional and not to prevent circulation.


Sideboards or buffets for storage

Plan your storage to suit your needs and preference, smart storage is essential to create flexibility and support your activities. Sideboards give you a plenty of space to store your dishes, dining ware and entertaining essentials, in addition to a surface for an attractive display to your accessories.

Selecting the perfect size of the sideboard can be tricky, you want your sideboard or buffet to look proportionally balanced to your dining room furniture. Leave at least 76 cm between the dining table and sideboard for comfortable circulation so your guests can comfortably pull out their chairs.


Your dining room can be a big statement in your home. It’s where everybody gets to spend time together, while sharing special meals and memories. With just a little forward planning, buying new dining room furniture can be exciting. If you are looking for new furniture for your dining area, check out our favourite dining room pieces.