Did you know that your home design can have a significant impact on your overall happiness and wellbeing? Your perception of the environment surrounding you can determine how you think and behave. A space that makes you feel good reflects positively on other aspects of your life. And that’s where feng shui comes in!

Feng shui is a practice to help you design a pleasant space that makes you feel good, powerful, and supported. It is an ancient Chinese philosophy to help organize and arrange the items around your space to be associated with the flow of energy. Feng shui philosophy is based around five elements; earth, metal, water, wood, and fire. These five elements can be associated with certain qualities, as well as colors, shapes and materials that can be used as design elements throughout your home. Balancing the flow of energy around your space can have a positive impact on your fortune, relationships, and wellbeing.
With just a few adjustments around your house, you can create a home space that you truly feel good in and unlock the harmony and comfort you have been longing for.



Your entryway is where energy enters your space. Make sure your entryway is clean and free of clutter or obstructions. You can add a light fixture to keep this area bright and incorporate the element of fire.

Dining Room

The dining room is a symbol of family harmony. It’s where we gather with family and friends to enjoy meals and celebrations. So, you would want the energy in that room to support cozy and harmonious gathering.

You can choose the shape of your dining room table to cultivate the type of energy that you’d like. If your goal is to have more stability, then a square or rectangular table would be the best. If you’d like to lessen family drama and create deeper friendships, then an oval or round table is ideal to soften the energy in your dining room. It’s perfect for creating a smooth, gentle flow of qi energy around the room. 

Place your dining chairs with enough room so that they can be pulled away from the table easily. The guests shouldn’t feel like they have to squeeze in or out. Choose comfortable dining chairs with supportive backs so your guests can feel prompted to relax and linger.

Add a rug to your dining space to settle the energy in the room. Your rug should be large enough to fit all your dining chairs even when they are pulled away from the table.

Consider feng shui-inspired colors when you are adding decorative touches to your dining space. Red and orange evoke the energy of fire, they can be used to add warm or celebratory mood to your area and increase your appetite. Green and brown harness the energy of wood, they can be used to bring freshness and vitality. Yellow evokes the energy of earth, it can be used to bring stability and nourishment. White, gray or silver harness the energy of metal, they can be used to bring creativity, organization, and productivity. Don’t use too much blues; blue and black induce the energy of water, they are used to add wisdom and calmness, but they can suppress your appetite. 

Decorate your dining space to reflect abundance and prosperity. You can hang a mirror that you love in a place to reflect the table, and anything placed on it. Add a vase with fresh red flowers to create dynamic energy or yellow flowers to bring joy. Play with colors to harness the energy you want to bring to your space.

Living Room 

Living room is where we spend most of our time, gathering with friends and family. It should always feel cozy and welcoming. There always should be a comfortable seat for each member of the household. Place your living room furniture to encourage connection and conversation. It’s preferred to face chairs and sofas towards each other to have comfortable seating area.

Rearrange your furniture in commanding position, so the back of the chairs is placed against the wall so you can always see who’s coming in. Green plants can be a great addition to harness the energy of wood. Add green plants to your space to bring vital energy and growth to your space.

Bring in meaningful colors to your living room area through art and décor. Use a mix of red, orange, yellow, green, blue and gray to balance the five elements.

A mirror can be a great addition to reflect a beautiful natural view out of your window, thus inviting wood energy into your home. When placing your mirror position it to reflect a view you want to amplify and make sure the mirror does not reflect clutter or a cramped space. 


Incorporate feng shui in your bedroom to create an inviting atmosphere which can lead to improved sleep and more relaxation. Position your bed to be in commanding position by placing it against the opposite wall from your bedroom door to bring in good chi. Choose relaxing artwork and avoid overly dramatic prints. The artwork in your space should always evoke positive emotions.

Minimize the use of electronics like televisions, smart phones, and other appliances in your bedroom, even when turned off, electronic devices give off electromagnetic energy while you sleep. You should also resist the urge to work at your bedroom; working or keeping work associated items like laptops and phones at your bedroom create a distracting environment. Your bedroom should be your sanctuary for sleeping and relaxing.