Summer is here and it’s the perfect time to give your bedroom a fresh seasonal update. So, while the summer dresses go on and heavy coats come off, chances are your bedroom could also use a summery makeover. ️


The bedroom is your restful sanctuary, where you spend time resting, regenerating and refreshing. It should be a beautiful, welcoming and attractive place to spend your time in. 

With quite simple updates, you can easily switch the whole feeling of the room and create a spectacular summer inspired bedroom without breaking the bank or stressing out!

So, get ready to celebrate summer and enjoy those delicious weekend morning sleep-ins even more. 

Here are some tips to make your bedroom a breezy summer oasis 😎


Freshen Up Your Beddings

        Swap your heavy winter duvets and blankets with soft lightweight covers. Your bedroom can get quite hot in the summer, so opt for summer-friendly breathable materials like cotton or linen to help keep you cool and refreshed. Layer your pillows in seasonal fun pattern and hues to reflect the breezy summer feeling.


        Add a Splash of Colours and Patterns

            Nothing cheers up a room more than vibrant colours and patterns. So why not wake up happy every day by giving your bedroom a colourful makeover. Introduce a pop of colour or some floral patterns to your pillowcases, bedding, artwork, accessories or lampshades. You can make a big statement with just a costal inspired wall art.

            Integrating a summery colour palette into your space is a fun way to rejuvenate your bedroom. Add hues of blues, yellows and don’t forget greens. As green color evokes freshness and renewal, even if it's just in one element of the room. 


            Bring In Some Plants

                Plants enliven your space and bring a fresh feel to your room. Keeping plants have a major positive effect in cheering your bedroom and improving the air quality in it. Just a touch of some greenery potted plants can add lively energy into your bedroom.

                A fresh bouquet of flowers on your nightstand will certainly beautify your space and bring summer life to your bedroom. If you are too busy for real flowers, you can use faux plants in pretty summery pots to give your bedroom a bit of a summer vibe.


                Clean and Declutter

                A minimal and sleek space always looks fresh. Your bedroom should be your retreat for peaceful reading, writing, sleeping as much as a resting place. But too much stuff makes the room visually heavy and less restful. Clear away all the unnecessary and unwanted elements that is piled up over the winter season. 

                Decluttering makes your room feels more welcoming and doesn’t feel hot. Store away your winter clothing and bedding. Don’t forget to roll up those thick winter rugs and enjoy the cool floor.

                For additional bedroom storage, you can use baskets made of natural materials like wicker and rattan to keep your extra summer beddings and pillows neatly organized.


                Lighten Up the Mood

                    Change those dark and heavy winter curtains with something more light and airy. Curtains made of breathable material like natural cottons or linens are a great way to allow the air to circulate more freely and let more light into the room while keeping the heat out.

                    Diffuse some summer aromas to rejoice the beauty of summer; lavender and peppermint are a great choice to make your room smells beautiful and fresh. Accent your bedroom with candles that stimulate your senses such as a floral or beachy scent. They are just the perfect embellishments for a summer look!

                    Shake up the display of your bedroom by placing sea schemed décor and shells atop your dresser or nightstand. You can also add frames with your favourite beach memories.


                    A summer bedroom makeover is a perfect excuse to switch up your style. So, freshen up your space and enjoy every moment of the sunny season. Browse our bedroom collection and start creating your dream summer bedroom