A dining table is a wonderful gathering spot for family as well as friends. And, it’s probably the first thing your guests notice in your home! Choosing the material for your dining table top can be difficult. You have to balance price, ease of care, and your personal style to choose the right one, and a table that’s not a good fit on any of those could mean a buying decision you regret later.

So, out of glass, marble vs wood dining table, which is better? Let’s give you the lowdown between a wooden, marble, and glass tabletop to help you make the right choice for your family.


DE.CI Furniture EQ.UI Wood Dining Table

Wood is the traditional dining table material simply because it looks good, it’s strong and also easy to repair.

A wooden tabletop will serve you for years to come. High-quality wooden furniture can withstand years of wear and tear. It sustains pressure and heat, especially, if its surface has heat and scratch-resistant finish. No wonder it’s one of the best types of wood for a dining table.

Wood is classic — it will never go out of style. Moreover, a wood table, with its unique grain and hardwood tones, brings out a certain appeal that’s inviting and welcoming. It looks incredibly dignified and creates a cozy atmosphere in your home.

From vintage pieces to sleek contemporary tables — there are many designs out there. Whichever wood species you choose — oak, mahogany, walnut, maple, or teak — ensure that you match the color palette of your dining room décor and design.

Wood tabletop cons:

While the top finish of dining tables can make it resistant to damages caused by daily use, scrapes from sharp or heavy objects can still expose and significantly damage the wood underneath.

Moreover, moisture is one of the biggest vulnerabilities of wooden tables. The material can swell if moisture is left to settle on its surface, which eventually can lead the material to weaken and enable mold to form. So, make sure to immediately wipe off spills and other liquid residues to prevent damages.


DE.CI Furniture FR.ST Glass Dining Table

There’s no denying the elegance and sophistication of a well-maintained glass top dining table. It looks especially fitting in a modern and contemporary house.

Glass is transparent and reflects light beautifully. No wonder glass instantly lights up a room — giving it an airy and lighter vibe. Moreover, it adds a visual illusion — making your dining space look larger and wider. It’s a boon for small dining rooms that receive less natural light.

Since it’s transparent, glass doesn’t block the beauty of the rest of the room décor. You can place attractive dining chairs or a beautiful rug under the table and they’ll be fully visible. Moreover, glass tabletops generally have a wood, metal, or brass base. The see-through glass highlights the beauty of the base — bringing out its design, shine, and color.

A glass tabletop is easy to clean since it doesn’t absorb or allow liquids to pass through it. A spray of water is enough to maintain its shine. You don’t even have to use any special cleaning products or solutions.

Glass dining table cons:

Glass is a strong material but it’s not the same as wood or marble. Since the material is breakable and fragile, you need to be extra careful when placing objects on it to avoid damaging the surface or breaking it altogether. Once the glass table is scratched or chipped, you can’t fix it or make it look new again. So, keep those placemats and coasters handy!

Its fragile material makes glass a safety hazard, especially when you have kids or pets around the house. Once shattered, the glass fragments can be a risk for injury. The sharp corners of glass tables can also harm anyone by accident. If you have small children in the house, it’s best to choose a round or oval shape or those with protected edges for safety.

Yes, it’s low maintenance but a glass-top table needs consistent wiping to keep it in pristine condition. Aside from spills, glass is prone to dust, fingerprints, smudges, dirt, and watermarks. Neglected over time, these can tarnish its sparkling appearance and may become foggy.

A glass’s transparency can be both a boon and a disadvantage. You can see everything that’s underneath the table! You need an impeccable flooring surface. And, your matching dining chairs must be in good condition too.


DE.CI Furniture Marble DI.NO Dining Table


Marble tabletops are glamorous even in their simplest design, especially these that are made in combination with other materials such as wood, metal, brass, and even silver.

Marble dining tables an outclass look. Their majestic appearance can instantly elevate the look and atmosphere of your dining room, and they look the best when they have been doused with high dosages of polish.

The marble table that you own has no other copy as it is made up of a natural stone that is famous for its unique veining patterns and intensity.

Marble dining table cons:

Marble is considered as the king of natural stones therefore, it is quite popular with the homeowners and which is also a reason why it is also extremely expensive in comparison with wood or glass.

Marble is a soft stone by nature which makes it vulnerable to chipping, scraping, and scratching. Moreover, marble reacts aggressively when in contact with acidic substances such as spillages of liquids like coffee, orange juice, and even with edible substances like ketchup.

These substances should be cleaned/wiped with a clean soft cloth to avoid staining of the table and once a week the table should be cleaned with marble specific cleaner.

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